SL Economy: Q2 Metrics 2009

Linden Lab have published: The Second Life Economy – Second Quarter 2009 in Detail. You can compare it with the last published metrics for Q1 back in April 2009: The Second Life Economy – First Quarter 2009. Feel free to check out my SL Metrics page for more metrics and links.

Q2 Key Highlights

  • Economy grows 94% year to year, hits new all time high in Q2
  • Voice minutes totaled 3.2 billion minutes, up 48% from the same quarter last year
  • LindeX and Xstreet hit new all time highs
  • Resident-owned land in Second Life increased 11% from last year
  • Homestead sales drives addition of 109 million square meters
  • Peak Concurrent Users hit 88,065 early in Q2, but concurrency trended lower over the course of the quarter
  • USD 144 million dollars in total user-to-user transactions, an increase of 94% from the same quarter last year

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