Sailing places in Second Life

Sailing in Second Life is great fun and interesting at times. There are many of shopping locations to buy boats, cruise ships and yachts. You need to allow time to take in the landmarks when travelling and its great to take a friend along with you too. Take snapshots and watch out for region crossings, sometimes you might go through the grid without stopping. Otherwise look for sea regions on the map. 🙂

My SL Sailing pics

My Top 10 recommended Sailing locations!

  1. Black Sea
  2. Starboards Yacht Club
  3. United Sailing Sims
  4. Victoriana Harbour
  5. New England Marina
  7. Holiday Island
  8. Free Adriatic
  9. Bay City Sea
  10. Mowry Bay Yacht Club

I would love to know your favourite sailing sims and places are in Second Life?, feel free to comment. There is a Sailing in Second Life wiki page with lot’s of SL sailing information, pictures and links. The wiki page is open to everyone and everyone can edit and add new stuff.

Happy SL Sailing!


New, check it out!

The new Second Life website just went LIVE today by Linden Lab. You can visit the new redesigned SL site here:


  • I love the new site design
  • It’s clean
  • It’s easy to navigate
  • ———————————————-
  • Improved for new users
  • Improved tabs at the top to browse through SL
  • Easier to choose what languages you want to have
  • Improved Search and Log In
  • Improved registration page for new users
  • New button to launch Second Life straight away
  • Redesigned land store and new web-based map


  • Showcase or video tutorials is not shown
  • Could be slower for users (flash and videos)
  • Xstreet and Transaction History are the two main issues at this time

Future (long term projects)

  • New social media functionality
  • More search improvements coming (long term project)
  • The SL Dashboard will become fully customizable

What do you think of the redesign?

Where to find SL Forums & SLUniverse Statistics

These statistics are shown at the bottom of the main forum pages when you access SL Forums and SLUniverse Forum. Xstreet SL Forums stats are shown top left of the screen when you view the page. Interesting statistics I think. These statistics are kept updated every minute which is great. 🙂

25th August 2009 (12:20pm PDT)

SL Forums

  • Threads: 253, 326
  • Posts: 2, 144, 818
  • Members: 2, 342, 123


  • Threads: 30, 378
  • Posts: 764, 271
  • Members: 7, 692

Xstreet SL

  • Guests: 2484
  • Members: 2984
  • Total: 5468

Have a try yourself and see what the latest figures are. 🙂

I hope this was useful! 😀

DV's Inspector Gadget Bear – VERSION 2 released

This past week I’ve been editing my SL Inspector Gadget Bear because it was time to upgrade from version 1 to version 2. I’m not great at bears, and I don’t really have time to create stuff as such, but wanted to create a bear anyway to share with my friends inworld. I used to love watching the cartoon version of Inspector Gadget and I love the movie too. I know it would be a hit to create a bear in Second Life, so here it is.

DV's Inspector Gadget Bear - VERSION 2

If you would like a copy of my Bear then feel free to IM me.

Coming Soon: Burning Life 2009

Been informed that Burning Life 2009 in Second Life will be scheduled, between the 3rd-11th October 2009. This year Burning Life will mark its 7th year in Second Life. I’ve never ever been to Burning Life before in Second Life, because there was nothing scheduled like this on the Teen Grid. I transferred to the Main Grid in mid December 2008. I’m looking forward to something new and hopefully it will be a great adventure when it opens in early October. If i’m around I will be blogging about my experiences at Burning Life.

Burning Life is a festival of art and community held in the virtual world of Second Life. It was first held in 2003 when the Second Life grid was still in its infancy, and 2008 marks its 6th year.

Via Group Notice: 24th August 2009

Volunteers: We need 24 hour stage managing. So please if you are interested drop by the Performance Office and drop me a notecard in the red mailbox to the right

Please name it “BL Stage mgr-YOUR NAME”
In the note:
Your time zone-
Which days/times are good for you-
I will be taking names right up till the event  BUT if you want your preferred time you should get me your list ASAP.

LANDMARK – Add notecard to red mailbox

I would love to know what your previous experiences were if you have ever gone to Burning Life in Second Life. Thanks!

1, 000+ SL Flickr friends

Yay. I couldn’t believe it when I checked my SL Flickr contacts list yesterday (21st August 2009) and saw I had over one thousand contacts (fans). Thanks very much for following my SL Flickr stream and being my friend too. To show how much I care I have created a big collage of all my SL friends on Flickr, CLICK HERE to see it.

When you have time feel free to write a testimonial review about my SL Flickr stream. I would love that!

Torley's WindLight Settings Version 3 OUT NOW

Torley Linden has just released his new Windlight settings Version 3 package, CLICK HERE to download them all and have fun!. Before downloading them please check the Windlight settings wiki page for step by step instructions. Check out Torley’s Windlight Settings Version 3 video on YouTube. The latest edition inspired me to create the ultimate collage of all windlight settings 1, 2 and 3 packages, which took me about 35 minutes to complete today. Taking snapshots of every preset in-world then mixing them about in Picasa 3 to create awesome SL windlight collages, then uploading them to Flickr to share with you.


View my SL collage snapsEnjoy!

Second Life Answers official launch soon

Watch out for news in the coming weeks or even months for the upcoming official launch of Second Life Answers on the Official Second Life Blog. Check out Second Life Answers Beta – Thank You! post for more information (August 18th 2009)

Second Life Answers stats before July 31st 2009

  • 36,127 page views occurred on 445 threads.
  • The most active category for number of questions (85) was in “Technical”.
  • 3 of the most viewed questions were: Can I change my Second Life name? , PW change: Forgotten answer to the security question and How can I get a job in Second Life?
  • Over 45 languages accessed the Answers main page. The top 2 are English and German.
  • Second Life Answers is the fastest growing help resource ever.   Ok…I made this particular metric up but you can make it true!

Keep your eyes open for the official launch of Second Life Answers soon!

Rez Magazine 2nd Interview planned

Very soon I’ll be featured on Rez Magazine for doing my 2nd interview about my Main Grid experiences 8 or so months later,  since I transferred from the Teen Grid. The last time I was interviewed by Rez Magazine was back on 6th December 2008 where I was talking about experiences and feelings before the big move over to the Main Grid.  This time it will be about my time on the Main Grid and a round-up on recent happenings which I’m really looking forward to talk about. 🙂

Trinity Dechou (December 2008): I hope to interview Daniel again in the course of 2009 and find out how has move to the main grid has gone, and if his hopes and fears have been realised.

In-progress – will post shortly!

Space in Second Life

I’ve been exploring Space (NASA) landmarks in Second Life recently and found many great places on my adventures around Second Life. Check out my Space in SL Flickr set. from space rockets to space launches and more. I believe there are Space Google Videos filmed in Second Life, go and check them out too. I found a cool Virtual Space Shuttle Launch Video on, which is just AWESOME!. Don’t forget you can join Space and NASA groups in Second Life by clicking on Search > Groups > Join.  Have fun!

My Top 10 Recommended Space Landmarks

1. International Year of Astronomy 2009
Welcome to the virtual world home of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 in Scilands!  Astronomy, galaxy, nebula, star, planet, telescope, universe, astrophotography, space art, free textures

2. Lunar Exploration ZoneNEW
Visit the Apollo 11 simulation at Daden Space in Second Life

3. International Spaceflight Museum
Rockets and spacecraft from the past, present and future.  Ride a rocket into space and explore the planets! SciLands member. Volunteer created & maintained, donation supported.  Not a NASA activity.  AlphaPort.  ISM.

4. Explorer Island
NASA JPL on Explorer Island – Home of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Come see the history, explore space and technology.

5. Jimbo Perhaps Rocket Garden
Solar Power Satellites and ground receivers, SpaceX Falcon 9, Rotary Rocket Roton, Kistler K-1, Frontier Astronautics repurposed missile silo and Rocket Sellers Porch.  Keep  spacelanes clear – Mad Rocket Scientists work here. In SciLands

6. NASA eEducation
The hub of NASA eEducation Island – stop by for info and events related to NASA and NASA education.  NASA eEducation is located in the Scilands.

7. Neil A. Armstrong LibraryNEW
The mission of the library & archives at NASA CoLab is to house and make available records and other documentation relating to NASA CoLab in SL, and library & archival materials relating to NASA generally. Director: Archivist Llewellyn

8. The SL Planetarium Dome
Ready to chill out on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter? Watch amazing pictures from space while doing yoga within this 3D planetarium dome (pics Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech). Cyber Cafe Infohub. Zeppelin Blimp Tours. Space capsule. Rocket trip

Meditate in a cosmic orbit  ambient galaxy tai chi with planets slowdance chill orbital rides space music stream 24/7 sci fi lounge in outerspace meditation relax stars hug  the universe and chillout in Shinda. Join Inspire Park for update

10. SIGGRAPH SpaceTime ArtNEW
The 3 divisions within the SpaceTime Exhibition, print, animation, and interactive works, capture a moment in time that embodies the richness of expression within the space of computer graphics technology from the past and present.

Happy Space adventures!