200 days on the Main Grid

It’s been 200 days since I first transfered over to the Main Grid and celebrated my 18th birthday. 201 days ago was my last day on the Teen Gridwhen I took my final tour around cool places in Teen Second Life. I remember doing a TG Transfer countdown  on my blog, counting down the remaining days I had left hehehe. On my birthday date I didn’t log into TSL as such and in the afternoon I was successfully moved across and my main grid experience started. I really do miss my friends and life on the Teen Grid and the fun times will never be forgotten. It was great to meet up with my Ex-TGer friends that transfered before me.

When I first arrived on the MG I was taken to the Teen Grid Transfer Station located in Baffin where Kate Linden spent time with me and invited me into many awesome SL groups and things I should know on the Main Grid. I remember saying OMG OMG OMG to myself when I looked at the Map, Events Tab and Showcase/popular landmarks because there was hundreds of regions, events and things to do. On the Teen Grid the showcase places were broken, a smaller grid and only a few events actually happened every day.

I remember being teleported over to Grasmere which is Linden Village region where I met many new friends, Lindens and SL Mentors. I was given tons of landmarks, notecards and SL guides which was really nice of them all to do that. I then went on a grand tour for a few hours visiting great places in Second Life including The Shelter, The Corn Field, AM Radio regions, Here island, Greenies SL and many more. I’m looking forward to my 3rd Rezz Day (3 years milestone) which is October 31st 2009. 164 days left until my next birthday and then that will mark my first full year on the MG. WoooT

Since December 2008 I’ve seen a high peak in traffic (visitors and new records) set my blog, flickr stream, twitter page, plurk page and even on facebook which is great. I’ve been in the news headlines alot since my transfer date and even before that. Earlier this year I created a SL feeds portal,  SL Historical Locations and my Linden Hunting sets have been very popular indeed.  Check out my SL collection for more awesome adventures in SL. This year I’ve created my own new residents guide page on my blog, created a SL Metrics page and created a ton of new SL resources on my SL Tutorial page.

 200 days is a big milestone for me!


My most interesting and favourite moments so far


Green teddy at Chouchou_001

I can’t wait for whatever comes next. I will continue to share helpful things with the SL community, take part in projects, mentor, explore and having fun with my friends. Thanks for reading my diary of the past 200 days and stay tuned for new blog posts.  


4 thoughts on “200 days on the Main Grid

  1. Congrats, Daniel! You’re truly an inspiration for all teens who are going to transfer, showing people that we don’t have to wilt away and die once we hit Main Grid – there is a way to thrive and love it!


  2. im so glad dan joined the adult grid!…i herd so much about him crossing over and so many people had told me how wonderful he was and still is!. what can i say? dan you lived upto expectations and congrats man on your 200th day in SL!


  3. @Tymmerie Thorne: Thanks so much. I hope so!

    @Arwyn: Can’t wait to see you on the MG shortly. I hope the transfer goes smoothly.

    @Oliver: awesome, more fun to come!


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