SL Interface and Avatars Comparison

Check out my newest created comparsion of changing avatars and SL ¬†interfaces snapshots from Second Life, since 2006. I’ll be creating more collage comparisons in the upcoming weeks for you to enjoy! ūüôā

Comparison of my avatars 

Comparison of SL Interfaces


More Second Life collages, visit:

Mono Scheduler testing in Second Life

A simulator which incorporates a revised Mono Scheduler was deployed to Aditi, the preview grid, on 19 March 2009. For the next two weeks Residents will be able to go to these regions and test their scripts on this scheduler. Please return any feedback you have to the JIRA listed below. We’ll use that feedback to fine tune the scheduler performance before we merge it into trunk for release with an upcoming server version.



Mono Sheduler testing wiki

How to Test – Getting Started

Mono Wiki – For more information

Virtual Worlds – Best Practices in Education 2009

  • Starts Friday, March 27, 2009 at 4:00 AM (PT)
  • Finishes Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 7:00 PM (PT)
  • More information found here:

This conference will promote the best and brightest from the Second Life education community in various fields of practice including everything from demonstrations to hands on theory. The conference is a free event for educators and researchers of virtual worlds, knowledge emergence, knowledge development, and their educational impacts.

My SL & TSL Metrics page – March 09 UPDATE


  • Updated Second Life‚Äôs Peak Concurrency records
  • Updated Second Life Registered Accounts Timeline
  • Added new section called Old SL Peak Concurrecy Data
  • Added March 2009 (estimated section) for monthly estimates
  • Added March 2009 Update for TSL – Source: updated via friend!


If you have any statistics for Second Life or Teen Second Life, which is not included on my SL & TSL Metics page, please comment or e-mail me (Check Stay Connected page) for details. I hope to keep adding new data to my metrics page in the coming months ^_^

Instant Messaging in SL Tutorial – Tutorial 34


  • IM allows avatars (Residents) to talk private without other residents seeing the chat
  • IMs are stored for 31 days if not logged into Second Life
  • IMs are limited to 25 messages
  • IMs in objects can send upto 5000 in 60 minutes
  • You can send IMs when residents are¬†online or offline
  • You can log IMs in the communications tab in Preferences

Sending IMs to Residents

  • Right click on¬†a resident
  • Click Send IM

To activate Send IMs to E-mail

  • Click the Edit menu or press CTRL + P
  • Scroll down to Preferences
  • Select Communications tab
  • Check the Send IM to Email tick box
  • Press Apply and Okay the settings



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SL Office Hours wiki page with a new look

 ^_^ALL NEW ^_^

The office hours SL wiki page has been updated to a new format, check it out today. You can now Subscribe to the new calendar in the iCal section (top of the page).


> Office Hours wiki

> Now you can follow office hours on Twitter


> Documentation Team office hours

> Lindens with Main Grid office hours

> Lindens with Teen Grid office hours


DanV‚Äôs Metrics for February 2009

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