New Second Life Blogs have arrived

Linden Lab have redesigned and introduced a new set of Second Life Blogs for Second Life residents to use and enjoy now. The blog was delayed at the start due to techinical problems, which is understandable.  I personally love the new exciting revamped blog and now there is a nice warm friendly feeling to it now. I know for some it will take some getting used to, remember there is room for loads of improvements and many opportunities for the blog and other new areas.

Linden Lab have plans to add more interesting functionality into the blog, coming very soon. In the upcoming weeks the Second Life Forums will have a similar makeover, because its very outdated and some parts are broken. Since 2006 it’s just been amazing to see exciting new changes happen, in-world and on the website.

New blog features

  • Improved log in
  • Improved readability
  • Easier to post comments and view recent comments
  • New blog profile for residents
  • New blog channels
  • New Actions section
  • New editing window 
  • And more..

Suggestions list

  • Add Achieve and Categories drop down sections
  • Customized themes for seasonal LL events
  • Change the  pond-scum green colour
  • Fix inbox problem:
  • Add “Working Inworld” section, which is enterprise/business based
  • More suggestions will be added here shortly…

This post is subject to be updated regularly!

What do you think of the new look blog ? Post here or comment now on the Second Life Blog!