SL Mentor Meeting – January 2009

Check out the full transcript of the first SL Monthly Mentor Meeting of 2009 here:

January Mentor Meeting snapshots you can find here:

For more information, visit the SL Volunteers Portal:

Check out my SL Mentor wiki page:


Highlights of the meeting

  • Welcome the V-Team
  • Community Translation Project – Helping to help translate more pages
  • Education Support Faire & Change of roles
  • No plans for Greeter program yet
  • Applications will remain closed until futher notice
  • New blog/forum software is coming soon
  • Q&A session
  • Upcoming valentines events 2009
  • Good-bye to the V-Team


This was my first time I went along to a SL Mentor Meeting on the Main Grid, I really enjoyed and found it interesting in the developments in the SL Volunteering Program. I was excited to see so many residents attending the meeting and the lovely V-Team that always makes it fun for the SL Mentor group in some way, shape or form. I loved taking snapshots of the meeting and taking it all in…everything seems to be on a bigger scale the Teen Grid, I enjoyed my time in the TSL Mentors 2.0 program too. 🙂

One step for me, one step for SL Mentor Kind! 😀 🙂


======================= showing MG and TG (January 2009)

On Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 Linden Lab made new improvements to the mapping of This upgraded version, let’s both grids see each other face-to-face, to check out and compare the differences between the two. The Teen Grid is now shown on the, located far east, in the south part. That means now you get a closer and in-depth look at the way TG is structured and same to TG residents viewing the massive map of the MG.

If you’re interested in maps in Second Life, check out my resouces and create your own maps today to share with residents. 🙂

MG Maps

TG Maps


Images of Agni

Scroll back in my past posts, to view Second Life Map Resouces 2009. Or you can check out the Official Second Life Blog and SL Forums for the latest resident feedback on the improvements that LL made this month. 🙂

Bringing you the latest cool stuff! 😀

Documentation Team office hours 2009

Check out the exciting weekly in-world Documentation Team office hours, hosted by Torley Linden, Jon Linden, Kate Linden and Jeremy Linden each week on Wednesdays at 1pm SLT until 2pm SLT at Beaumont (SLURL). The topics of these Documentation office hours, talk about how Second Life works, tips & tricks, how to improve the Second Life Knowlege Base, and ask questions in general. The goal overall is to make your Second Life lives better with happiness.

Futher information


Enjoy! -More helpful posts will be coming soon, keep checking my blog for updates!


-Daniel Voyager

SL New Resident Places 2009

I’m starting to put together a new flickr collection which will feature new resident landmarks with SLurl’s to help out new residents find their way around the big world of Second Life (Main Grid) for 2009. The aim of this is to create a portal of different locations both for new residents and existing residents of the community to enjoy the ever lasting exploration of Second Life. I’m interested in mentoring, giving out resouces, photography and more in Second Life, so it’s so good to share the locations and information with you! 🙂


  • New SL Resident Experience collection 2009: Click Here

  • Start your new SL adventures here:  Click Here


  • New Resident Places 2009
  • NCI
  • SL Historical Locations
  • MG Maps
  • MG Stats


  • User Interface snapshots
  • Infohub and Welcome Area locations
  • Website snapshots
  • Education locations
  • Showcase locations
  • And More…:)

Visit: to get started in Second Life today.

Relationships in Second Life Survey 2009

Please take the time to answer this survey concerning relationships in Second Life.
Every single aspect of this survey is in absolutely no way used to identify you unless you choose to provide your Second Life name.
By providing your name, there is a chance that your named opinion will be used in an upcoming article.
I.P. addresses are not logged with your response.
One survey per person.


Please undertake the survey by clicking on the link here:

Thank You for your responses. 🙂

If you have anything to say on relationships in Second Life, feel free to add your comments below.

Second Life Maps Resources – 2009


SLurl – Offers to create direct links to any place in the game. Location-Based Linking in Second Life.

Learn how the World Map works in Second Life? – Get started by watching this video tutorial.

Second Life Postcard Map – Interesting map for SL.

SL Maps – Maps of Second Life. Compilation of older Linden Lab maps of the grid, resources for interpreting the Magellan Linden “Dingbat” maps, the ability to see a map of the grid for a certain date, flash maps of grid expansion, and links to similar fansites.

Mappa Novus – Provides advanced maps and search tools of the Second Life grid.

Second Life charts – Latest statistics from the grid.

Webmap API – The Second Life Webmap API allows you to embed Second Life Maps onto your web pages. Enough talk, lets jump into the code.

Webmap API Wiki – The Second Life Webmap API allows you to embed Second Life Maps onto your web pages. Enough talk, lets jump into the code

Sim Neighbours – Sim Neighbours is a site to look up which sims are sharing a server.

SpinMass – Create your own Sculpty maps.

Second Life BigMap – Grid Maps

Pirandello Second Life Map Viewer – Using the Second Life Mapping API.


Images of Agni &  Agni Continents -Created by SignpostMarv Martin.

Updated Maps for the New Year – Fixes in the “LL Mainland Continents” and “Sansara & Heterocera” maps for 2009.

Images of Second Life Maps – On Flickr.

MG Maps 2009 – New for 2009 – Enjoy!!!

TSL Maps – Interesting maps of Teen Second Life and more!

TG Bay City Map – Check it out

SL4B Sim Map & SL5B Sim Map – What will the map look like for SL6B?

Bay City Map & Parks and Recreation Directory – Parcel map.


Enjoy! 🙂

NCI updates SL Maps for 2009

Carl Metropolitan, executive director etc of NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) in Second Life, today posted a post on the NCI Blog that he has made a few fixes to the  “LL Mainland Continents” and “Sansara & Heterocera” maps. I recommend you should check out NCI in-world, because it’s an awesome place for information and FAQ’s etc. 😀

NCI /New Citizens Incorporated is your portal to Second Life.

Latest map version now is (01.01.09).

Great work, Carl! 🙂