How to clear Second Life cache – Tutorial 29

In Second Life, sometimes you might need to clear your Second Life cache to get back lost inventory or save space on your harddrive that Second Life does use up.

Simple Steps

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Network tab.
  4. Select Clear Cache
  5. Log out and log in again
  6. You should notice a big difference in performance etc 


For more information, visit the Second Life Support Centre > Type “Clear Cache” or “Cache”.

Tutorial 30 next week

5 thoughts on “How to clear Second Life cache – Tutorial 29

  1. ok, THIS is the most helpful thing i have EVER found on SL, including the official stuff put out by SL. Bravo! thank you! i have now subscribed. whoever you are, you are not officially my hero.
    – jinx


  2. big fan here. will now start hitting your tutorials. been EVERYWHERE can not find answer to difference between CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR INVENTORY CACHE. if you do not have time to answer questions, i get it, can you point me to the right place? MERCI~!jinx


  3. OMGAhh ty sooo much, i have had my new clothes missing for a week
    and now they are back ty for posting this was verry helpful


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