Teen Second Life 5th Birthday Celebrations – Update 1

News from the Second Life Official blog: (TSL5B)

“Teen Second Life”

“The Teen grid will be having it’s own celebration – more details on that coming up in a later post.”






Sounds fun!, I’ll will post more when comes available 🙂  


New Redesign of my TSL Wiki – Update 1

After 5 hours of good hard work on Saturday, I’ve completly changed the layout, colour, presentation of my wiki to a new stylish look which looks amazing I think. As time flys past us I will add more and more content onto my wiki because I would like it to be popular and a useful resource to all.

Wanna take a preview click here or look below to see how its been changed, I hope you like it! > http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Daniel_Voyager

Old Look                                                              

New Look


What do you think of the improvement? Have any suggestions that I could make to my wiki? Let me Know!

TSL LDOPW – Update 5


After a few days since the opening of the TG Bay City Sims, people have been exploring and having fun I think which is great stuff, now we have new news that you can now order a parcel today.

The latest from the Teen Second Life Forums is that > YOU CAN NOW PLACE YOUR ORDER ON THE NEW TG BAY CITY SIMS 🙂

To reserve a parcel in Bay City, please take a few moments to read the rules below as stated;

  1. You must be a Premium account (REAL LIFE MONEY)
  2. You must have available tier
  3. If you don’t take ownership of your parcel it will be set to “sell to anyone”
  4. Do not ask a Linden to give you a different parcel
  5. All sales are final

Click here to reserve your parcel NOW: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=IfCREDMkp6aLiaKPmecSUw_3d_3d


Upcoming TSL Events for MAY 2008

Here are the upcoming listings of events in TSL 🙂

  • TSL Welcomers Meeting – Friday 16th May 2008 – At 12pm – Eye4you Stage
  • Sword and Archery – Friday 16th May 2008 – At 4pm SLT > Eye4you Alliance
  • Model UN Tivia Contest – Saturday 17th May 2008 – At 12pm SLT > Eye4you Alliance Castle
  • DIDI Creativity for a Cause Contest – Saturday 17th May 2008 – At 2pm SLT > D.I.D.I Land
  • Doug Tool v2.0! release event – Saturday 17th May 2008 – At 2pm SLT > Cascade
  • Eye4you Sunday Meeting – Sunday 18th May 2008 – 10am SLT > Eye4you Pub
  • TG Bay City Sim Orders should start this week – 19th – 26th May 2008 – (TBC)
  • Nasa Space Shuttle Launch – End of the month

Thats for May 2008 for now folks 🙂

Top 40 Things to do when you get to the TG Bay City Sims!

List of things you can do and places to visit when you visit the TG Bay City Sims, shown below!

  1. Visit the Cowboy Moles – Earthworm Distribution co.
  2. Check out the Channel Island Mental Hospital
  3. Play some games with your friends at Bowling Hot balls – Bay City – Orleans
  4. Explore the underground walkways at Molexandria
  5. Hang out at Bay Jou Theatre – Brewster
  6. Catch the Bay City Tram around the sims
  7. Try and find a Bay City Train at Oak Bluffs, where is it?
  8. Visit the Mole Statue – Dennis
  9. Have a ride on the Bay City water Tram
  10. Have a drink and something to eat at Cafe Deco – Bay City Orleans
  11. Go mad at The Mad Scientist Lab – Tisbury
  12. Teleport over to First Mole on the Moon Statue
  13. Visit the amazing Kittehwerkz – PrimZ Inspekshun
  14. Hang out with friends at the Bay City Playgrounds
  15. Have fun opening up and closing the drawbridges
  16. Go up over 30 – 60 steps in the Lighthouse located north on the map
  17. Want something to eat?, teleport over to the Roffle, Burger & Company Widget Factory – Sconset
  18. Visit and relax at Portage Bay
  19. Don’t fall in, check out Canal Basin – Bay City Edgartown
  20. Visit the cool Harbour
  21. Walk along from the TG old city sims to new city sims, mind the hole!
  22. Explore the massive LDPW Beginning prim building – Falmouth
  23. Running out of GAS, go to the Mole Gas Pump
  24. Find the Water pipe under water, located north of the TG Bay City Sims
  25. Check out the nice Space Planets Model
  26. Visit the robot with paper work
  27. Find mole holes
  28. Find the Sand Castle and Toliets at Wellfleet Harbor
  29. Find the stage that looks like the Nix Stage on the TG Mainland
  30. Enjoy the wonderful views looking over the water at Davis Gulf
  31. See how long it takes to walk into every region
  32. Enjoy a flight, jump into the Bay City Balloon – In the Sky!
  33. Find the red floating ball on the water
  34. Locate the sign on the Gate sign at Falmouth
  35. Perform a show at Wellfleet Harbor with friends
  36. Order Land ASAP before the Moles take over the world – Next Week!
  37. Take photos of the most interesting things and places on the Bay City Sims
  38. Find the Green Channel Bouy’s floating on the water
  39. Visit Amulet Stone World
  40. Visit the Docks

Explore Today, Visit > http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Mashpee/99/6/44

TSL LDOPW – Update 4

Yay!, The Teen Grid new Bay City Sims are now OPEN to the PUBLIC. It was made public around 10am – 11am SLT on Tuesday 13th of May 2008/ It was not clear about the Opening of the bay new city sims, when it was due to open and when!. Reports; before opening residents just put in a place name of the region on the log in screen to have access to the new sims.

Whats New?….There are 20 sims new sims to explore which are located left of the old city sims joined on, there is news that land will be available next week or after.

Check out my in-world snapshots of the new “TG Bay City Sims” (over 100 and growing) > http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielvoyager/ < Check out “TSL Collection” > “TG Bay City set”