TSL Orientation Guides – June 08 Release

The NEW TSL Orientation Guides have been now released for JUNE 2008 and I’ll be giving a copy to everybody when I see them. I’ve updated the guides with new landmarks and up-to-date information, this is for new users mostly i’m aiming at.

Whats New?

  • I’ve renamed the tsl places guide to tsl landmarks guide with the current month after it e.g. TSL Landmarks Guide 2008 – June 2008.
  • There are new sections and it’s now easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • TSL Orientation FAQ has been updated with a new ordering system with questions up the top and answers at the bottom, it’s quicker to find where abouts the questions are.
  • New TSL New Resident places guide, for TSL Welcomers or TSL Mentors to use to find helping places and infohubs to help new residents in-world, also it’s be attached to the TSL Orientation FAQ guide also.
  • I’m currently re-doing the TSL Useful links guide in which it will be released later in June 2008