My May Stats 2008

In my last stats post was which back in April 2008 there has been a great new number of hits and views, see below. Compare the difference by going to my “statistics” category on my main page for previous stats of the month.

My Blog:

In the month of December 2007, I had 486 views altogether.

In the month of Janauary 2008, I had 493 views altogether.

In the month of February 2008, I had 715 views altogether.

In the month of March 2008, I had 1,326 views altogether.

In the month of April 2008, I had 2,070 views altogether.

  • Roughly around 40 – 93 views per week and more at peak times!
  • Should be higher this month if rates stay the same, so far I’m pleased with the stats.
  • Total Views: 6,660
  • Best Day Ever: 130 Monday, May 26, 2008

My TSL Flickr:

Photos: 1,943

Views: 3, 810

My TSL Volunteer Wiki

In December 2007, my page was visited 840 times.

Today, it’s been accessed 1,189 times.

Twitter Stats

Following: 83

Followers: 48

Updates: 395

TSL Welcomers


January 2008 – 130 TSL Welcomers

May 2008 – 152 TSL Welcomers


Been accessed 989 times since created.


Next Stats post will be posted this time next month = 26th – 29th of June 2008.