TSL LDOPW – Update 5


After a few days since the opening of the TG Bay City Sims, people have been exploring and having fun I think which is great stuff, now we have new news that you can now order a parcel today.

The latest from the Teen Second Life Forums is that > YOU CAN NOW PLACE YOUR ORDER ON THE NEW TG BAY CITY SIMS 🙂

To reserve a parcel in Bay City, please take a few moments to read the rules below as stated;

  1. You must be a Premium account (REAL LIFE MONEY)
  2. You must have available tier
  3. If you don’t take ownership of your parcel it will be set to “sell to anyone”
  4. Do not ask a Linden to give you a different parcel
  5. All sales are final

Click here to reserve your parcel NOW: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=IfCREDMkp6aLiaKPmecSUw_3d_3d