How to send photos to a flickr group – Tutorial 15


1. Firstly, You need to create a Yahoo Account which is free
2. Now you need to make sure your Yahoo account is active
3. Then go to Flickr Website then log in
5. Yay, its just created your Flickr Account
6. Explore around Flickr, check out the FAQ page
7. Log into Second Life whileĀ keeping your flickr window open or minimized

Next steps to take!

8. Click on Snapshot Tab located bottom of your Second Life window – User Interface

9. Now Save to Disk

10. Open Flickr, click on “You” dropdown box located next to it

11. Scroll down to “Upload Photos and Videos”

12. Locate the images you want to upload then press “Upload”

13. Once uploaded open the image up then go where it says ” Send to Group”

14. Job done, it might have to be approved by a admin before it appears in that group.