Windows 7 – After Windows Vista ^_^

The next client version of Windows was originally codenamed “Blackcomb,” though the company renamed it to “Windows Vienna” in early 2006 and to “Windows Seven” or “Windows 7” more recently.

Windows Vista was a major release, and Windows 7 will be also be a major update. Microsoft is currently on a development path where every other Windows version is a major release, so it’s possible we’ll see a minor OS update between Vista and Windows 7.

Microsoft currently plans to ship Windows 7 in 2010, about four years after Vista. (Windows Server updates are on a similar cycle.)




New CEO of Linden Lab

M Linden will be starting at Linden Lab on May 15th 2008. Phillip Linden won’t be leaving LL but instead helping Mark out and keeping LL flowing.

M Linden has a background in art, economics, and business. He has been in successful and highly regarded leadership roles at two companies that are bigger than Linden Lab which is really good to hear.

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