My TSL Videos Evolution


This week i’ve started to produce my first small machinimas in TSL using Wegame, Free trials of recording programs, i’m uploading them to my Flickr Video Set so check it out!, I’m going to be starting of with small clips then over the months building them up like tutorial videos and longer, at the end of last summer I said that I would later on produce videos and tutorials after when I completed the Global Kids summer camp program so this week is the start of many more to come yay!

@ My TSL Videos so far!!!! @

  1. Blue’s Office Hour tester video
  2. TG Tutorial Island Tester
  3. Day Cycle In Windlight
  4. Tutorial Island Video
  5. (NEW) Chibi-Robo Av Dance 2008
  6. Eutopia Club – Live Music
  7. Eye4you Island Tour 2008
  8. TSL Linden Village Video

And many more coming soon!!!!!!



"Tormented Twilight" Video

“I think that this video is really creative and it has lots to tell, awesome!”

“If you have machinima or movie suggestions from any MMO, please send them to machinima AT massively DOT com, along with any information you might have about them.” Moo Money

Created by Voicedude Renoir