Language Translators for SL and beyond

Ever wondered what the other person is talking about when they talk in a different language in Second Life, well I have found many sites to translate lanuages and hopefully this will help you out in-world. I would bookmark all of these links for future reference because one day you will need to know!

Enjoy, every little helps!


My Blog/In-World Stats – April 2008

My last stats post about was all about My Flickr Stats back in February 2008, I’ve decided to update that this month by having the latest stats from in-world with my flickr included, so a mix bag!. Next Stats post will be in May 2008!

Latest Counter stats

Eye4you Mainland Hub – Jan 19th 2008 – 5th April 2008 = 328 Unique Visitors

Eye4you Orientation – Total =  99 Unique Visitors – 21st March 2008 to 4th April 2008

Eye4you Nasa – Total = 43 Unique Visitors – Jan 19th – 5th April 2008

The Nix Bazaar – Total = 441 Unique Visitors – Jan 19th – 5th April 2008

My Blog Stats

3,289 unique views as of 5th April 2008 compared to 486 views in Late December 2007.

My TSL Welcomers Stats

229 unique views as of 5th April 2008 compared to 26 views in February 2008

My TSL Volunteer Wiki Stats

483 unique views as of 5th April 2008 compated to 45 views in November 2007

My Flickr Stats

833 photos / 2,212 unique views as of 5th April 2008

Wooot! another lot of cool stats from over the last couple of months, Lets see how much it will change over the next month into May 2008 🙂

I’m adding new counters to eye4you and around the TG grid to get some more results this month, also my SL Stats page will have the previous stats reports on there shortly.