How long does it take to visit all Public TG sims?

Well its Sunday again, I decided to do a mission to visit every TG sim which was open for me to go teleport there. There were many I could not visit such as the adult and private islands haha! but this was a interesting trip to see the world of Teen Second Life.

I started from North East side at Weapons Testing Island and ended with visit the Teen Public Sims e.g. Eden etc.  It was about 3am SLT in the morning I started to take photos and I did not finish taking photos until about 6am Ish SLT.

3 hours and 10 minutes it took! with crashes, IMs requests, Getting the camera in the right place.

There are 94 public islands for teens to visit in Teen Second Life at the moment however many more will be added in the near future. I have uploaded photos of the Main Land and other islands to my Flickr – Also will be stored in my collections.

 March 13th 2008!


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