Happy Valentines Day 2008

Valentines Day 2008

Today is a day for love, joy, and happiness in TSL and SL. As you may or not heard about is that LL have set up a island for us Teens to enjoy Valentines this year, the island is called “Hugsville for Teens” it is located north of the Teen Grid Orientation Islands if you press “Map” in-world.

There is also a Main Grid Valentines island called “Isle of View” with interesting events happening there i’m sure, But here on the Teen Grid it all kicks off in the afternoon where the things will start getting hot including Lindens coming just after 3pm SLT, don’t miss it!


Check out these snapshots of Valentines Day 2008 in Second Life and Teen Second Life.

Set 1 > Click Here


Torley Linden Visits TSL

During Kate Linden TSL Office Hour in TSL, Kate decided to bring along a Special Guest called Torley Linden. Kate’s Office Hour started at 2pm SLT and ended at 3pm SLT at the I-World World Team Building. This was much earlier special office hour time instead of 5pm SLT every Tuesday which was cool because I could make it and so could other Teens. 😛

Who came? well….here is who > > Nick, Reallife, Storm Basiat, Torley Linden, Kate Linden, Joppa Linden, Daniel Voyager, Katharine Berry.

Here are the topics we were talking about during the special visit from Torley:

  • Welcoming Torley to TSL, Talking about places to visit and what TSL has to offer
  • Windlight viewer
  • The WeGame 😀
  • About Dubai
  • Welcoming Process, OI, HI’s, Talking about the TSL Mentors Program
  • AjaxLife

It awsome seeing Torley Linden for the First Time in TSL, hopefully again very soon! 😀

Here are snapshots from the Special Office Hour!!!!!!!

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 3

TSL Poems Project

Eye4You Alliance in Teen Second Life is now running a project for teens to write poems and get them published in the Eye4You Alliance Poem Book which will be available in shops worldwide. Each teen can write up to two poems.

The theme is about ‘My Second Life’. Please remember it must be your own work.

Sadly once wrote we will need your parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form saying we can publish your work in the book. For those who need help with writing a poem please keep an eye out for the poem workshops. If you have any questions please IM Storm Basiat or email storm@eye4youalliance.info

Simple Steps to having a awsome poem to share!

  • Write a poem or two
  • Send them to storm@eye4youalliance.info
  • We will then send you the parental confirmation form for your parent or legal guardian to fill out and send back via email.
  • Once we have gathered the poems we will begin publishing them and then send you information on how to purchase the book.
  • Good Luck!

    February 2008 – Monthly Statistics

    Eye4you Visitors Count

    January 19th 2008 to 11th February 2008 at Eye4you Nasa Space Station > 51 vists

    January 19th to 11th February 2008 at Eye4you Telehub > 310 visits

    January 19th to 11th February 2008 at Eye4you Orientation > 158 visits

    The Nix Bazaar Count

    January 19th to 11 February 2008 at Nix Nix Bazaar > 480 visits

    Second Life Statistics

    SL recent Statistics

    2008 Second Life Signups

    A peak concurrency of 63,195 at 1:35PM (a new record!), and a minimum concurrency of 34,646 at 11:50PM. Median concurrency for the day was 47,413. On Sunday 10th February 2008.

    TSL Forums Statistics





    TSL Popular Places (Traffic) Statistics – on 11th February 2008

    Equilibrium > 11815

    Jeffrey Land > 7907

    Furnation > 6803

    Mayhem City > 6558

    Gravity Space Station > 5866

    Furry Plateau > 4848

    The United Nations > 4847

    New Rome > 4089

    Glacius Kingdom > 3648

    Angstdonf > 3631

    Shadows shop > 3333

    Battleship prodigy > 3059

    desire fashion house > 2878

    behemoth > 2714

    artillerye island > 2614

    V > 2552

    AA > 2247

    Sennyo Village > 2198

    Codizzo’s Sandbox > 2166

    My new flickr stats for Jan – Feb 08 i will post later in the month, i hope you found this interesting and i’ll more statistics next month or before 😛

    There's a new grid on the block

    Adam Zaius announces the opening of Open Life, an alternative Second Life grid developed with Finnish developer RealXtend. Has developed a custom viewer with additional features (like real 3D meshes instead of prims, python scripting, textures-via-HTTP, multiple attachment points per body part, and more) that are unsupported in Second Life currently from what I’ve heard from the news.

    For more info check below:



    (Successful) Space Shuttle Launch

     Atlantis Lifts Off!

    After two months of delay, shuttle Atlantis blasted off Thursday with Europe’s gift to the international space station. The space launch was very successful indeed it took off right on time I was with with the TSL nasa crew in TSL at the Eye4you Nasa Space Station watching the Launch with two special guests Blue and Claudia Linden.

    I took snapshots of the event posted here > http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielvoyager/

    STS – 122 blog > Click here

    Nasa Tv  > Click here

    Upcoming Launches > Click Here

    Mission Updates > Click here

    Press Junket Review

    As you might know or not know i’m taking part in D.I.D.I Venture program, my venture is called “Beat Bullying” we are going to try and benefit our local and virtual communities in TSL about issues related to “cyber bullying”. It all started in 2007 where there were alot of exciting workshops for us to go in TSL to come up with ideas about our ventures then we were asked to talk about our chosen venture infront of a selection panel of D.I.D.I and GK staff a couple weeks later my group was approved and it got through so we could do it.

    D.I.D.I then set up a Press Junket Party to celebrate our ventures which will be starting very soon. Press Junket started with a introduction about D.I.DI then followed by each groups ventures followed by a couple of speeches about upcoming projects :D. After that there was a big party on a new GK Sim wooooot, so everyone teleported over to start partying it was really cool and fun.

    Global Kids have posted reviews, interviews, videos and lots more on their website please visit the below link for more info 🙂



    Review of Literary Festival 2008

    My review of the Literary Festival that took place on Eye4you Alliance on Saturday 2nd February 2008 between 10am SLT to 1pm SLT. I throught the Festival was well planned out and was very successful by the end of the day, however I throught that alot more people would show up but there was around 30ish and more residents who came during the Festival. What I really liked the Festival which was best of all was the Guest Speakers who did their talks really good and many residents joined in with the fun and FAQ about books etc. “I won a Free Book” during the event for entering a prize draw wooot! hopefully it will come through the post soon 😛

    For more info about the Festival please check the following links:




    New TSL Timeline – History of the TG

    I have created a new TSL Timeline page to put the history of the TG, I will update it very often so its up-to-date because the the TSL Wiki History seems to be dead and no one seems to be updating it anymore.

    Please Visit TSL Timeline page on my Blog

    Any events, news, projects you would like to see on the list timeline page please feel free to IM me in-world or comment below!

    TSL Literary Festival 2008

    Upcoming Eye4you Festival Details, This will be really exciting and interesting to all 🙂

    When: Sat, Feb 2, 10am – 2pm

    Where: Eye4You Alliance Island
    Description: Join Eye4You for a literary festival to celebrate young adult author works. View videos, listen to podcasts and interact with authors such as Barry Lyga.
    Hope to see you there!!