Torley Linden Visits TSL

During Kate Linden TSL Office Hour in TSL, Kate decided to bring along a Special Guest called Torley Linden. Kate’s Office Hour started at 2pm SLT and ended at 3pm SLT at the I-World World Team Building. This was much earlier special office hour time instead of 5pm SLT every Tuesday which was cool because I could make it and so could other Teens. 😛

Who came? well….here is who > > Nick, Reallife, Storm Basiat, Torley Linden, Kate Linden, Joppa Linden, Daniel Voyager, Katharine Berry.

Here are the topics we were talking about during the special visit from Torley:

  • Welcoming Torley to TSL, Talking about places to visit and what TSL has to offer
  • Windlight viewer
  • The WeGame 😀
  • About Dubai
  • Welcoming Process, OI, HI’s, Talking about the TSL Mentors Program
  • AjaxLife

It awsome seeing Torley Linden for the First Time in TSL, hopefully again very soon! 😀

Here are snapshots from the Special Office Hour!!!!!!!

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 3


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