TSL Poems Project

Eye4You Alliance in Teen Second Life is now running a project for teens to write poems and get them published in the Eye4You Alliance Poem Book which will be available in shops worldwide. Each teen can write up to two poems.

The theme is about ‘My Second Life’. Please remember it must be your own work.

Sadly once wrote we will need your parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form saying we can publish your work in the book. For those who need help with writing a poem please keep an eye out for the poem workshops. If you have any questions please IM Storm Basiat or email storm@eye4youalliance.info

Simple Steps to having a awsome poem to share!

  • Write a poem or two
  • Send them to storm@eye4youalliance.info
  • We will then send you the parental confirmation form for your parent or legal guardian to fill out and send back via email.
  • Once we have gathered the poems we will begin publishing them and then send you information on how to purchase the book.
  • Good Luck!