Press Junket Review

As you might know or not know i’m taking part in D.I.D.I Venture program, my venture is called “Beat Bullying” we are going to try and benefit our local and virtual communities in TSL about issues related to “cyber bullying”. It all started in 2007 where there were alot of exciting workshops for us to go in TSL to come up with ideas about our ventures then we were asked to talk about our chosen venture infront of a selection panel of D.I.D.I and GK staff a couple weeks later my group was approved and it got through so we could do it.

D.I.D.I then set up a Press Junket Party to celebrate our ventures which will be starting very soon. Press Junket started with a introduction about D.I.DI then followed by each groups ventures followed by a couple of speeches about upcoming projects :D. After that there was a big party on a new GK Sim wooooot, so everyone teleported over to start partying it was really cool and fun.

Global Kids have posted reviews, interviews, videos and lots more on their website please visit the below link for more info 🙂


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