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This is the first annual Vintryx Top 10 Second Life Avatars Most Likely to Succeed on the Main Grid from TSL. This was very interesting to read about, here is the link. However I think that more of the Teen Grid should have decided about who would succeed on MG not just a random few to pick for us.

Here are some views from the feedback from the post:

1. Sin Kovacs Says:

I like the list, obviously everyone has their own opinions -but, I’d agree with most of these part from a few. I’d agree that everyone on the list has alot of talent, its just that some of them tend not to use it as much as they should

2. Malifico Bade Says:

I think that people that don’t use there talents enough might as well not be considered in this honestly, what good is a talen if you dont put it to good use? 0_o
Your not going to be successful unless you use that talent, that’s the main reason why i disagree with this blog post.

3. Benett Carter Says:

Most of the people on here use their talent, however, they donnt distribute products publicly, some of them just use the TG as a “training ground” for their skills, and will go into (or out of) business on the MG.


New TSL Office Hours alert

I was exploring around the Teen Grid welcoming area today when I came across a new office created by the GTeam wooot, this sounds exciting heres the link about new office hours in Teen Second Life 😛

Vteam and I-World Team office hours below > TSL office hours are posted at the bottom of the page!

Come and Visit, Your Welcome to enjoy the fun 🙂

First TSL Greeter Classes

As you might of heard about or not I’ve started up a new project in TSL Greeters Group where greeters can host their own classes or events around TSL for example either Tutorial Island Stage, Eye4you Alliance, Nix Stage, Dougall Stage etc.

We started off with having two classes on Saturday between 1 – 2 pm SLT which was a basics scripting class and a basics building class these were very successful both classes had many greeters who came including many new residents. I’ve now set up a shedule our new tsl greeters blog where all upcoming classes will be shown, there will be many more to come yay! 🙂

Check out pictures i took during the classes > click here

New – Eye4you Orientation Room – Now Open!

Come and visit the New Eye4you Orientation Room founded by TSL Greeters Group in Teen Second Life located at Eye4you Alliance Island next to the welcome area there.

Myself and others in the group have been working really hard since the 1st January to 6th January 2008 to get the room opened which this was a successful project.

Future Projects: Greeters to Host Classes, Make Blogs, Buddy roles to start taking place, Making a TSL Greeter Stage etc, Greeter Volunteering Program.

New Improvements includes this: New freebies, How To Tutorials, TSL/SL Maps, Website Links, Help Boards, Changing your appereance, New TSL Greeter Logo, Picture Board and lots more.

Its located here > Eye4You Orientation , Eye4You Alliance (164, 161, 24)

New TSL Greeters Blog > Click Here

Sign Up to Snapzilla Today!

Got a account yet? not sure what it is? Well…Snapzilla is a photo site for Second Life and Teen Second Life.  SL/TSL residents are easily able to share images with the site simply by clicking Snapshot and then using the Email Postcard option directly from SL/TSL. No need to save to disk and then upload to the site. Images are sent to the email address for MG residents and are automatically added to the site. Teen SL members can also submit pictures to the site by using for TG residents.

I have got a TG Snapzilla Account which is really cool check it out >

Register Here its free >

How do I use Snapzilla? check out how here >

Enjoy! lets get sending postcards 🙂


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!!!

@@ Happy New Year 2008 Everyone!!!!!!!!!! @@

It finally came to the UK where I am to celebrate the new year YAY!

For 2008 and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world and joy fill your days. May everyones dreams come true in whatever they do either in RL or TSL or SL 🙂

I’m looking forward to another awsome year in Teen Second Life and beyond!

Please visit my flickr for images of the new year around the world >