InWorldz 5th birthday schedule of events

Me at IW5

Me at IW5

InWorldz is currently celebrating 5 years over at the IW5 regions. The InWorldz 5th birthday celebrations started on Sunday 16th March and will end on Wednesday 2nd April 2014. If you have an InWorldz account, log in, visit all the 34 IW5 regions and attend the exciting events. This is a great time to meet new people, explore newly created builds, have fun and party!

  • Historical: 31st March 2009 was the official opening day for InWorldz.
  • Historical: I signed up to InWorldz on 2nd September 2010
  • Portal History of InWorldz 

Check out the big range of IW5 birthday events happening on a daily basis to celebrate this special occasion. IW5 events range from live dj music events, cake contests, parades, awards and much more. Please spread the word about InWorldz 5th Birthday!

InWorldz 5th Birthday Map

IW5 birthday sims

IW5 birthday sims

Entertainment Event Schedule

Wednesday, March 19
12:00 noon Ultraviolet Alter Live @ Main Stage – Sim 9
2:00 pm DJ Aryon Dagger @ Tinyville -1 IW5 Sim 27
4:00pm RichardScott Barcelos Live @ Main Stage – Sim 9
6:00pm NP – Elven RP Class @ Light RP Sim 19

Thursday, March 20
12:00pm DJ Mortus Eclipse – Dark Gypsy Dive a@ IW5 -Gypsies -Sim 21
2:00pm DJ Smythe Balazic Jazz- @ Main Stage – Sim 9
6:00pm NP – Spring Solstice RP Event @ Light RP Sim 19
6:00 PM Burlesque Show – DJ Chopper Gurbux – Adult Sim 21

Friday, March 21
12:00pm Storytelling with Yichard @ Light RP Sim 19
1:00pm NP-ClassThe Mage Character (and magic) – Ansara @ LIght RP Sim 19
2:00pm DJ G Winz Gerrard/Rhiannon Hosting – World Music Party @ Sim 9 Main Stage
4:00pm DJ Cataplexia Numbers- Songs from The Wood @ Dresmacape2, Sim 10b
6:00pm DJ Chopper Gurbux @ Main Stage – Sim 9

Saturday, March 22
10:00am DJ Ferdy – Ferdynand Straaf – @ Gypsy 1-Sim 21
10:00 am Intro To Unity Weapons & Damage- Fenn MecMoragh @ Light RP Sim 19
12:00pm InStylez Fashion Show – DJ Cataplexia Numbers @ Fashion Sim 7
2:00pm DJ G-Winz – Electroswing @ Dreamscape 2 from 2-4pm- IW5 Sim 10b
4:00pm NP Hobbit Country Tea – DJ BigRed Coyote @ Light RP sim 19
6:00pm NP Defining Elves (Jaekob Faolan) @ Light RP Sim 19

!Sunday, March 23
InWorldz Boat Day
10:00am Tinies Racing – Submarines @ Sim 22 Tinies Race Start Point
11:00am Tinies Speedboat Racing @ Sim 22 Tinies Race Start Point
12:00pm Speedboat Racing @ Sim 12 Boat Race Star Point
1:00pm Sailboat Racing @ Sim 12 Boat Race Star Point
3:00pm Tall Ships parade @ Sim 22 Tinies Race Start Point
6:30pm Battle Demonstration by Taffy Riddler & Bridget Jennings @ Sim 14 Dock

Monday, March 24
10:00am NP -Roleplay Class with Jaekob Faolan @ Sim 19 light RP
2:00pm DJ Tony Foxx @ Main Stage – @ Sim 9 Main Stage
4 p.m. – 5 p.m. Ganjo Mokeev Live @ Tinyville 1 Sim 27
5:30-7:30 DJ Cataplexia Numbers Fantasy Tavern Dance @ Light RP sim 20, Tavern

Tuesday, March 25
10:00am Russel Eponym Live @ Dreamscape 2
12:00pm DJ Mortus Eclipse – Dark Gypsy Dive at IW5 -Gypsies -Sim 21
6:00 PM Burlesque Show – DJ Chopper Gurbux – Adult Sim 21
6:00pm NP – Roleplay class with Jaekob Faolan @ Light RP Sim 19
6:30pm NP – Elven Drum Circle @ Light RP Sim 19

Wednesday, March 26
12:00pm DJ Ferdy – Ferdynand Straaf – @ Gypsies 1 -Sim 21
6:00 pm Hunter Montgomery Live – @ Dreamscape 2 – IW5 sim 10b
6:00pm NP – Elven RP Class @ Light RP Sim 19

Thursday, March 27
12:00 noon DJ Mortus Eclipse – Dark Gypsy Dive at IW5 Gypsies -Sim 21
3:00pm New York Modeling Agency Fashion show DJ BigTex Cuddahiy@ Fashion Sim 7
6:30pm NP – Bardic Night @ Light RP sim 20, Tavern
7:00pm MrMikie String Live Fleure host @ Main Stage – Sim 9

Friday, March 28
10:00 am Russell Eponym Live @ Dreamscape 2 Sim 10b…….tentative
12:00pm Storytelling with Yichard @ Light RP Sim 19
1:30pm Moon Spark – Live performer – @ Main Stage – Sim 9
3:00pm DJ Clint Westwood @ Main Stage – Sim 9
5:00pm Cosmic Haystack Live Performance @ Main Stage – Sim 9
6:00pm DJ FANG – Raglan Tree @ Tinyville 1 – Sim 27

Saturday, March 29
11:00am IW5 Birthday – Cake Contest @ Sim 2- Smaller Builds Contests Sim
1:00pm IW5 Birthday – Crazy Hat Contest @ Sim 2- Smaller Builds Contests Sim
2:00pm DJ Rhiannon McKenna – History of the Blues – host Gerrard @ Main Stage – Sim 9
6:00pm NP – Class -What is a druid? (Jaekob Faolan) @ Light RP Sim 19

Sunday, March 30
11:00 am Burlesque Show – DJ Chopper Gurbux – Adult Sim 21
12:00pm Jewel & Co Fashion Show DJ Landau Shippe @ Sim 7 Fashion
2:00pm DJ Clint Westwood @ Main Stage – Sim 9
4:00 p.m. DJ Aryon Dagger @ Tinyville 1-IW5 Sim 27

Monday, March 31
2:00pm Ilianor Illois – Live @ -Gypsy 1 -IW5 Sim 21
5:00pm Jean Munroe Live – host Five Galli @ Main Stage – Sim 9
6:00pm DJ Astoria Luminos – Celtic & Fantasy @ Dreamscape 2- IW5 Sim 10b

Tuesday, April 1
10:00am IW5 Parade of Fools – DJ Strummer Skytower @ Main Stage – Sim 9
12:00pm -1 PM Gypsies of IW – April Fool party DJ Astoria -Gypsies -Sim 21
1:00pm – 3:pm DJ Ferdy – Ferdynand Straaf – @ Gypsies -Sim 21
6:30pm NP – Elven Drum Circle @ Light RP Sim 19

Wednesday, April 2
11:00am Awards Presentations, DJ Cataplexia Numbers & Tribute Bands – Solos @ Sim 1 Awards Stage
4:00 pm DJ Mike Chase @ Main Stage – Sim 9
6:00 pm DJ Astoria Luminos @ Main Stage – Sim 9


IW5 Main Stage

History of InWorldz Birthdays 

InWorldz 5th Birthday starts in five days time

There are five days remaining until InWorldz officially turns five years old and this year the InWorldz community will be having a big birthday celebration. The InWorldz 5th birthday celebrations starts on Sunday 16th March through to Wednesday 2nd April 2014.

Currently the builders are hard at work preparing for the 5th birthday and this year there are 34 IW5 birthday regions each with a different interesting theme. There will live birthday events, contests, races, DJ events, hunts, storytelling, fashion shows and much more during the duration of the InWorldz 5th Birthday celebrations.

This is certainly going to be the one of the biggest events the community has ever hosted and I strongly recommend everyone to come along to have fun. Spread the word and bring friends to the party. Check out these newly released maps below showing the InWorldz 5th Birthday regions layout.

IW5 birthday sims

IW5 birthday sims

Here is the map of the IW5 regions and I have to point out that building work is still ongoing on the sims. It’s going to be fascinating I think to visit the IW5 birthday builds this year and attend birthday events that will be held. I’m excited and I can’t wait! :)

IW5 birthday sims

IW5 birthday sims

Poll: Will you be attending InWorldz 5th Birthday ?

Trying out the InWorldz Info app

Recently I heard about a new Android app called InWorldz Info from the Google Play store which gives out the latest news, events and grid updates which is fantastic for anyone that wants to find out the latest grid happenings.

The InWorldz Info app has been installed more than 250+ times so far which is great and hopefully the installs count will rise much higher soon. The app requires devices to be running android version 2.2+ to open up. It’s currently on version and it’s a 10.39MB download the app.

Stay connected while on the go for news, events, grid updates and more for InWorldz Virtual World!

Now our users don’t need FB or Twitter to stay connected! Join our mailing list, get push notifications of important events, be reminded of upcoming events so you can plan your virtual life better!

When opening the app for the first time the home screen will appear with large InWorldz logo with general information underneath it with social media links. There are many tabs to touch along the bottom like Events, Forums, Support, Cafe Shop, Videos, Contact Us, Photos, Facebook, Twitter, Join List and another Events tab.

The InWorldz Info app home screen from my smart phone.

InWorldz Info app

I think the InWorldz Info has great potential in the future and hopefully the app will be used more if new improvements are made on a regular basis. It’s a great start so far and it can only get better with time. :)

InWorldz reaches 95, 000 total user signups

InWorldz reached a new milestone this week on reaching 95, 000 total user signups and now there 5, 000 signups left until the InWorldz grid reaches the big 100, 000 total user signups mark. I predict that will happen before April 2014 at the latest.

InWorldz 95, 000

Check out the InWorldz Login Screen to keep track of the numbers and tweets.

When the signups do hit 100, 000 sometime within the next month or so it will be a historical day to remember. I think there should be a big party to celebrate the big milestone. I’ve now been a user of InWorldz since 2nd September 2010 and I’ve been really interested in the metrics since then.

In general the grid is still growing at a good rate in terms of active users, signups and regions. In March 2014 InWorldz will be celebrating its 5th birthday from 16th March through to 2nd April 2014. I am really looking forward to the birthday and celebrating with everyone. I’ll be blogging about the upcoming 5th birthday so stay tuned.

If you have not signed up yet, I strongly recommend it. :)

InWorldz 5th Birthday planning details released

InWorldz will be celebrating its big 5th birthday from 16th March through to 2nd April 2014. This year there will be 21 sims (IW Events sims) to celebrate the biggest birthday that grid has ever seen before. Each sim will be showcasing different aspects of InWorldz and there will be always things to do during the 5th birthday.

See the breakdown below of the InWorldz 5th Birthday regions showing different themes for each. I’m excited already and it’s going to be fantastic this year. I will be blogging for sure about the upcoming 5th birthday in two months time and I’ll be sharing my snapshots on my Flickr stream.

For details can be found on the InWorldz 5th Birthday thread on the InWorldz Forums. For the latest news join the InWorldz Events Committee group on the InWorldz grid to stay updated.

InWorldz 5th Birthday

InWorldz 5th Birthday

Contact Eve / EC / EventsCoordinator InWorldz if you are interested and for more information about the 5th birthday of InWorldz.

Previous InWorldz Birthdays

Are you excited about the 5th InWorldz Birthday ? Share your views in comments. Thank you! :)

New InWorldz development roadmap for 2014

Tranquillity Dexler published a new InWorldz development roadmap for 2014 on the InWorldz Tech Blog today. The roadmap goes into great detail about the current development work list from the InWorldz team and it includes upcoming features coming during 2014.

These are really wonderful plans and I can’t believe how many projects there are in the roadmap. I’m very excited about the future and it’s great being part of a fast growing grid.

There is so much to look forward to this year on the grid of InWorldz in 2014 and here is a summary of the new features below.

Current Development

  • Maestro – Grid Management > (Code is 95% complete, beta testing starts within a week)
  • InWorldz Viewer 2.x – Pushing to be the default download > (First quarter of 2014)
  • Scenic region partner rezzing > (100% complete, in testing)
  • InWorldz “Project Stratus” hybrid asset system > (80% complete, in development)

Short term changes coming soon 

  • Physics accelerated llCastRay is now available on the beta grid (Matt)
  • llSetKeyframedMotion in development (Matt)
  • Fixes and improvements for many physics functions including llMoveToTarget/region crossing and physical object grab and drag. (Balpien Hammerer)
  • Many fixes for vehicle functions including boat hulls seemingly scraping/bottoming out even in deep channels. (Balpien Hammerer)
  • Vehicle fixes in progress to make more SL vehicle scripts behave closer to how they work in SL.(Balpien Hammerer)

Upcoming features in 2014 

  • InWorldz InShape – open beta testing and launch > (Q1 2014)
  • Project Thoosa Phase 2 & 3 > (estimate Q2-3 2014)
  • Full analysis and debugging for region crossing and teleport issues due to client side  interaction > (estimate Q1 2014)
  • Website makeover and support work > (estimate Q3/4 2014)

Deadlines not set yet 

  • Avatar-as-a-prim 
  • Export permission implementation
  • Inter-region communications enhancements and fixes
  • Object name registry

There will be more improvements made to InWorldz during 2014 including performance, reliability and new features. InWorldz will be using a large amount of resources for promotion this year and revamping the registration process to improve the user’s end experience. InWorldz will for sure increase in numbers in terms of more active users, regions and popularity.

In the past month according to Hypergrid Business InWorldz had 7,576 active users, gained 1,803 new registered users and has a total of 1,327 regions making it one of the most popular OpenSim grids there is currently.

Big cheers to the InWorldz founders and developers for making InWorldz more amazing and better than ever before. Woooot! :)

Using the free InWorldz Explorer HUD 8.0

IW Explorer HUD 2014

At the InWorldz Desert Island on the information board there is a free copy of The Explorer HUD to pick up. This is a great way of discovering new and popular landmarks on the grid of InWorldz in 2014.

The free HUD is ideal for existing residents of InWorldz and newcomers joining InWorldz today. The Explorer HUD gets updated every two months by the wonderful The IL Busters Team with new landmarks and improvements.

Latest HUD Stats

  • Current Version: IW Explorer Hud 8.0 IFB - As of 12th January 2014
  • Version 8.0 total amount of LMs: 604

Step-by-Step Guide 

  • Grab a free copy of the HUD at the information board located in the welcome area
  • Open Inventory > Right Click on InWorldz Explorer 8 > Wear HUD

IW Explorer HUD 2014

  • Click on Categories button on the HUD > Choose a Category (6 pages) > Use Prev/Next buttons to browse through landmarks and enjoy!
  • Touch green area on HUD to teleport to selected Destination chosen

IW Explorer HUD 2014

List of HUD Landmark Categories 

Page 1: Art/ Exhibits, Attractions, Sports, Freebies, Hangouts, Music, Role Play, Scenics & Adults Only

Page 2: Accessories, Animations, Bodywork, Clothes, Furniture, Land/Rent, Mails, Prefabs & Animals

Page 3: Art/Deco, Design, Gadgets, Gardening, Landscaping, Nautical, Services, Vehicles & Food

Page 4: Gifts, Well Being, Instruments, Games, Airports, Marinas & Race Tracks

Page 5: Kids, Babies, Tinies, Furries, Mer People, Elves, Fairies, Nekos & Special Avies

Page 6: Classes, Center, Libraries, Sandboxes, Sculpties, Scripting, Mesh, Textures & Tools

The IL Busters Team

Special thanks goes to all of the IL Busters Team for creating this amazing HUD for InWorldz residents to use. Great work!

  • Fox Butternut
  • Fleure Homewood
  • Rhiannon Boronski
  • Eaelraom Platthy
  • Rain Stormfront
  • Sunny Day
  • Teal Etzel
  • Judy Dressler

This HUD is updated automatically every time it is rezzed on the grid. Grab a free copy today and spread the word about version 8. My personal HUD rating: 10/10.