SL Newbies

New Resident Basics 2014

New Resident Help Groups 2014 

  • Resident Help Network - List of volunteer run helping groups in Second Life.
  • Helping Haven - The website for Helping Haven within Second Life virtual world. Helping newbies in Second Life!
  • NCI - New to Second Life? New Citizens Incorporated is a community-run portal offering help, education and support for new Residents.
  • Virtual Ability - Virtual Ability is a place where people with disabilities and chronic illnesses can safely learn about virtual worlds.
  • Builders Brewery - Builders Brewery is a one of the largest and most active content creator’s help groups on the grid.
  • Hobo Helpers – Approved group for helping new residents in Second Life.
  • The Shelter – Most popular and well known location on the grid for helping newcomers in Second Life.
  • SecondAbility Mentors - Mentoring new residents in Second Life.

Useful SL Links 2014

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