About Me

  • Daniel Voyager
  • SL Status: Active (logs in regularly)
  • Lives in the United Kingdom
  • Joined Teen Second Life on 31st October 2006
  • Transferred to Second Life (Main Grid) in Mid December 2008
  • My blog started on 17th December 2007


  • Enjoys blogging, exploring, mentoring, photography and opensim exploring
  • Enjoys volunteering at big events in Second Life (BURN2, SL Birthdays, SL conferences, Relay For Life)
  • Likes new technology, social networking, sci-fi movies, tv programs and space

Second Life Experience

  • Manager of Clearwater Beach (2008 to 2012)
  • Manager of Metaverse Mentors (2008 to 2012)
  • Mental Mentors Officer (April 2010)
  • Officer of Second Life Ex-Mentor
  • WTM Volunteer & Mental Mentor Volunteer
  • Mental Mentor Officer
  • SL Wiki Reviewer (KB2Wiki Piloteer)
  • Stage Manager at Burning Life 2009
  • Official SL Mentor (December 2008-December 2009)
  • Resident judge for Vetting Committee for Linden Prize 2010
  • SL7B Greeter & SL7B Pass Press Member in June 2010
  • Became part of the official SLCC 2010 Twitter team
  • Burn2 Volunteer Greeter / Burn2 Press Pass 2010
  • News writer for Brews News in SL in November 2010
  • Manager of SL Discovery Explorers & Resident Greeters (2011+)
  • SL8B Greeter / SL8B Press Pass / SL8B Stage Manager (June 2011)
  • BURN2 2011 Press Pass / Guide / Greeter / Stage Manager
  • Reached 20, 000 SL Flickr snapshots  (29th December 2011)
  • SL9B Flickr Admin, SL9B Greeter & SL9B Press (June 2012)
  • BURN2 2012 News Blogger  & Greeter (October 2012)
  • One Billion Rising Press Member – 12th February 2013
  • SL10B PR team, Blog Admin, Flickr/Google+ Admin, Greeter (March 2013 to July 2013)
  • LEA Volunteer (January 2014+)
  • One Billion Rising Volunteer (February 2014)
  • VWBPE Blogger & Mentor (April 2014)
  • SL11B Volunteer (June 2014)

Teen Second Life Experience

  • Managed TSL Volunteer Portal and TSL Volunteer Island
  • TSL Mentor 2.0 between 2007 and 2008 (mentoring at TSL welcome areas)
  • Kept TeenSL Wikia page updated
  • Kept documentation of all things TG including events, blog posts and snapshots!
  • Became Estate Manager of Eye4you Alliance, NCI manager and owner of The Nix Bazaar
  • Took part in many TG educational projects
  • Manager of TSL Welcomers & HQ
  • Helped with TSL4B and TSL5B birthday celebrations
  • Explored every region on the Teen Grid in 3 hours and 10 minutes
  • Snapshots taken on TSL = 6, 500 snapshots

History of SL Rezdays

  • 31st October 2007: Party underground celebrating 1st Rez Day
  • 31st October 2008: Explored the mainland for my 2nd Rez Day
  • 31st October 2009: 3 hours of live music for my 3rd Rez Day
  • 31st October 2010: Explored cool SL Halloween places for my 4th Rez Day
  • 31st October 2011: Exploring scary Halloween places
  • 31st October 2012: Received my 6th rezday cake from Linden Lab
  • 31st October 2013: Celebrated 7 years at Muddy’s Music Cafe & other music venues
  • My Rez Day Snapshots

Historical SL Milestones

Projects worked on



  1. Hi Daniel

    I’ve added your blog to my blog list.


    Take care


  2. Thanks Heloq Tomsen. :)


  3. Thank you for following my library of stories that have evolved. Many are still evolving, some I think are done– are in fact, unfinished! I always see flaws, sometimes even editing to “Polish it”– I make it worse. XD
    So keep checking back in. More is coming.

    I have also reciprocated and will be keeping an eye out for your activities in SL. I have been inworld for a few years. Lately not so much– busy writing.

    Anyway, thanks again!


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