Time Travelers episode 6 filmed in Second Life is incredible

Watch the sixth and final episode of the Pooky Amsterdam’s “Time Travelers” series filmed in Second Life and I think it’s really incredible from start to finish. Episode 6 runs for 14 minutes and 18 seconds full of great special effects and amazing detail filmed in Second Life. It goes to a whole new level I think and it’s a real thriller!. 

The “Time Travelers” series started in 2010 by PookyMedia productions and over the years there has been more interest in general. Check out the backstory on the time travelers which is an interesting read. See full details and video below for episode 6 and enjoy.

The final episode – for now, brings together our Time Travelers and the Meks, with Zanzibar’s capture of Maria. We will experience what the Time Travelers, with the help of the advanced AI Sebastian must do to stop the Meks and their leader Zanzibar…by using every resource in their power. The opening of the Baby Universe becomes a trap. Whose future will win out, are we running out of time to Save the Future?

We are all of us connected, none more so than the Teen Time Travelers who must fight to escape the danger of the approaching Meks. As they jump through time and again meet their future selves, the stakes escalate around the future as they must follow their present destiny. Game on!

The award-winning series, Time Travelers, is an animated adventure series about the future. The series showcases future careers in science such as geoengineering for alternative energy, nanobiolology and neuroscience for learning and health care.

Time Travelers was sponsored by the leader in education financing SLFC http://www.slfc.com and iHelp http://www.ihelploan.com committed to helping students achieve their educational and career goals. For over 30 years SLFC has been a pioneer in enabling students to realize their dreams for the future through education. SLFC’s support made Time Travelers a reality.

Time Travelers will be seen online, at International Film Festivals and throughout the nation at FutureLab: The Innovation Expo http://www.FutureLabExpo.com

Watch Here – Time Travelers Episode 6


The Drax Files Radio Hour #14 – philip > there thou art!

Show #14 – Philip – there thou art!

Listen to the latest edition show 14 of The Drax Files Radio Hour hosted by Draxtor Despres and Jo Yardley. Please spread the word about the weekly Drax Files Radio Hour and Drax Files monthly series. This week the radio hour show is about Philip Rosedale and what he has been doing recently.

In show 14 there is mention about many interesting subjects including High Fidelity, Facebook deal with Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, New Mesh avatars, VWBPE 2014 and education in Second Life. The hour is filled with interesting discussions and in-depth coverage on the biggest stories this week.

Contact the drax files radio hour show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email radio@draxfiles.com. Be featured on the next show of the drax radio hour. 

Sneak preview of the VWBPE 2014 venues

There is less than 24 hours to go until the grand opening of VWBPE 2014 and the final preparations are happening now. The grand opening of VWBPE 2014 starts at the new look VWBPE Central Auditorium in Second Life with an opening keynote speech by Philip Rosedale at 1pm SLT.

Ebbe Altberg (Ebbe Linden) the CEO of Linden Lab will be giving his keynote speech at 1pm SLT on Friday 11th April 2014 at the VWBPE Central Auditorium in Second Life. The speech will be brief so there is more time for Q&A and discussion apparently. Please note that the regions will be fully packed so best advice is to arrive early or watch it live online. 

This year marks the 7th annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference in Second Life and on the OSgrid. The excitement is gearing up and it’s almost time to make new connections.

New VWBPE 2014 Trailer

Check out these new sneak preview snapshots below of the new VWBPE 2014 venues. I really do love the builds and sims layout for this year’s conference. I’m sure you will agree too.

Sneak preview of the VWBPE Main Auditorium 2014

Sneak preview of the VWBPE Main Auditorium 2014

Sneak preview of the bridge and the Main Auditorium area

Sneak preview of the bridge and the Main Auditorium area

Sneak preview of VWBPE Poster Welcome Station

Sneak preview of VWBPE Poster Welcome Station

Sneak preview of the VWBPE Gateway

Sneak preview of the VWBPE Gateway

VWBPE 2014 is almost here

VWBPE 2014 is almost here

VWBPE Teleports 2014

VWBPE Teleports 2014

VWBPE Map 2014

VWBPE Map 2014

Check out my SL Flickr stream for more VWBPE 2014 snapshots. Special blog coverage in the coming days so stay tuned for that. Will you be attending this year ?


Building in Second Life using the Oculus Rift Beta viewer

Check out this new video uploaded today on YouTube showing Marc Weerts building in Second Life in the 3rd person mode and 1st person mode. Marc is using the new Oculus Rift Beta viewer and shares his thoughts on building stuff. Video 2 runs for 8 minutes and 32 seconds which is really fascinating from start to finish. Video 1 shows a preview of the Oculus Rift Beta viewer below.

Oculus Rift Building - Video 2 

Oculus Rift Beta Testing – Video 1

Are you interested in the Oculus Rift with Second Life and will you be using it ?

Paradise Lost featured in episode 18 of The Drax Files

It’s been interesting to follow developments on Paradise Lost during recent months and I’m a fan of this series. Today Draxtor Despres uploaded the latest episode 18 of The Drax Files on YouTube. This month it’s all about Paradise Lost which is a fantastic episode from start to end. The episode runs for 4 minutes and 59 seconds and please spread the word about Paradise Lost.

It’s great to see Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks in this episode in real life form. There are funny parts, interesting parts and great footage during this episode. The views of their sim and production set is very cool indeed. The amazing part in the episode is when we are told that the audience is in the middle of the production which is rather smart. Near the end of the episode there are shots from the west end of London and Second Life.

The production features 43 roles and played by 8 avatar actors. Paradise Lost opens officially in Second Life on Saturday 5th April 2014, with a second premiere showing on Sunday 6th April 2014. I can’t wait and over recent months Paradise Lost has attracted more fans from across the grid.

Watch Episode 18 Here

Absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for episode 19 of The Drax Files to come out. The latest news on Paradise Lost can be found here.

New video shows beta testing of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer

A new video has been uploaded this week showing new beta testing of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer filmed by Marc Weerts. The video runs for 12 minutes and 20 seconds showing the user interface. The video is a nice overview of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer.

I’m beta testing the new viewer for Second Life, by Linden Labs, which will support the Oculus Rift natively. Really exciting, to be able to actually walk around in the virtual world and feel like you are really there. They also did a good job of incorporating the UI.

Marc mentions on Facebook that it’s really cool to walk around SL with the Rift. Marc says he can’t wait for the DK2 version and what LL will do in future versions of the viewer.

It’s very exciting to see new video coverage of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer and hopefully there will be new videos soon. For the latest news, visit the Oculus Rift and Second Life Facebook page to stay updated. So far there have been 705 likes for the page and hopefully interest will grow over the coming months.

Tiger dance at London City in Second Life

Check out this new video uploaded by Torric Rodas this week showcasing London City in Second Life featuring tigers and humans dancing to the music. Woooot!!

London City boasts two night clubs, a pub, cinema, shopping and a large open area hang out, which is a popular meeting place. More info at: http://mainlandlondon.blogspot.com.

Teleport to London City in Second Life today.