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RFL of InWorldz raises over one million izzies

RFL of InWorldz reached the one million izzies mark last week which is incredible news and this marks a big step forward in trying to find a cure for cancer. Well done to all those that donated izzies and helped out to reach one million izzies for InWorldz. Woooooooot!!!!!!

As many know already back in 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life reached the $2,000,000 milestone for the American Cancer Society. Every year a new record is being set with history being made in Second Life and InWorldz.

IW Team Totals so far

  • Team 1 General Account: Iz $359,677
  • Team 2 Fashion for Life: Iz $163,961
  • Team 3 Tiny Steps for a Cure: Iz $295,950
  • Team 4 Tri Group Team: Iz $30,711
  • Team 5 Roleplay for Life: Iz $179,693
  • Team 6 Tsuki Mura for Hope: Iz $75,139
  • Team 7 Dragons for Life: Iz $7,740
  • Total raised: Iz $1,112,871

More information can be found on the RFL of IW website.

InWorldz FrightFest 2014: Call for Volunteers

InWorldz will be hosting FrightFest 2014 on the InWorldz Event Sims starting on Friday 17th October through to Friday 31st October 2014 to celebrate Autumn and Halloween. FrightFest 2014 needs volunteers to make the event successful and this is a call out announcement.

Volunteer Roles:

  • Live Performers, DJs, Entertainers
  • Builders
  • Photographers
  • Artists for art exhibitions

To Apply 

  • Join the InWorldz Events Committee group > Open Group Notices > Open FrightFest is coming up to apply for a role!

Event Details:

As the summer breezes roll out and the Autumn winds roll in we begin our preparation for this year’s FrightFest 2014

The celebration of Autumn and Halloween on the InWorldz Event sims will begin on October 17th and run through Oct 31st.

We need volunteers for many areas. This year we will have a blend of light hearted fun, a variety of entertainment, spooky builds, and some thought provoking art installations. Below is the breakdown of the areas in which we need your assistance. We are working on a shorter time frame this year so we need to set a deadline of FRIDAY SEPT 26 to receive all your requests for spaces. While we may accept requests after this date we will not be able to guarantee a spot after this date. Requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

NOTE— All builds will need to be completed by Oct 15th for inspection and final resource approval/adjustments by Wolf Hartnell and EventsCoordinator InWorldz.

Event Team

  • Astoria Luminos – Entertainment Scheduling and Bookings manager
  • Mike Chase – Stage and Sound Manager
  • Nickola Martynov – Adult Community Build Lead
  • Nine Septillion – Builder for Storytelling area and Crypt interactive project
  • Nyx Breen – Builder of Special Project “Surprise build”
  • OldeSoul Eldemar – Tiny/Dinky Community Build Lead
  • Rhiannon McKenna – Art Installations Lead
  • Wolf Hartnell – Script, Landscaping, Resources Manger, Events Assistant

Four years later on InWorldz

On 2nd September 2014 marked my 4th rezday on the grid of InWorldz and I’m really happy to reach this milestone. I have seen a lot of changes around InWorldz since 2010 some good and some awesome ones. InWorldz has grown so much during the past four years in terms of regions, active users and its great to see more events happening.  I have to admit that the InWorldz community and founders are very friendly, caring and active around the grid.

This year InWorldz hit 100, 000 registered users, InWorldz turned five years old and now the third season of Relay For Life of InWorldz has started. Wooot!

Bring on 2015! :)

The good times during the past 4 years in snapshots!

July 4th 2011

The old InWorldz welcome area on July 4th 2011

InWorldz 3rd birthday 2912

InWorldz 3rd birthday 2012

Relay For Life of InWorldz 2013

Relay For Life of InWorldz 2013

InWorldz 5th Birthday 2014

InWorldz 5th Birthday 2014

I’m now looking forward to my 5th rezday on the grid of InWorldz next September 2015. I can’t wait! :)

3rd Season of Relay For Life of InWorldz Opens

Relay For Life of InWorldz 2014 starts

Relay For Life of InWorldz 2014 starts

On Saturday 23rd August the 3rd season kicked off to mark the start of the 2014 Relay For Life of InWorldz. The theme for this year is A Future Without Cancer and apparently the Relay For Life of InWorldz website is being rebuilt at the moment. Over $325,000 izzies has been raised so far during this 3rd season of Relay For Life of InWorldz.

The main Relay event for the 3rd season starts at 9am PDT until 9pm PDT on Saturday 1st November 2014. More details will be released soon.

If you are interested in sponsoring Relay For Life of InWorldz 2014, contact Hairy Thor for more details.

The new home for Relay For Life of InWorldz is now located over at Muse Island.

Muse Island on the InWorldz Grid

Muse Island on the InWorldz Grid

The Relay For Life of InWorldz team are very grateful for everyone’s support and contributions so far in 2014!

Calling All Fashion Designers of InWorldz!

InWorldz Fashion Week 2014 Logo

InWorldz Fashion Week 2014 Logo

The Relay For Life of InWorldz fashion week will run from Saturday 20th September until Saturday 27th September 2014. This is a call out to all fashion designers of InWorldz to participate in fashion week and to spread the word about this incredible fundraising event. The team are looking for designers that are interested in donating at least one item and they are looking for modelling agencies that would like to hold a show during fashion week. Contact Raven Dulce (InWorldz) to reserve your spot on the calendar.

Sign up to InWorldz if you are interested in this event! 

There will be great shows to watch, live music, auctions and DJ’s during fashion week. See more details below!

The Relay For Life of InWorldz fashion week, InFashion and Beyond – Fashion For Life, is right around the corner and we need YOU! We are also looking for modeling agencies that would like to hold a show during fashion week. The available dates are September 21st -27th Please see Raven Dulce to reserve your spot on the calendar.

We are looking for designers that are interested in donating at least one item during fashion week, with all proceeds going to Relay For Life (you may donate more if desired). Men, women, tinies, children, and any other type of clothing is welcome (NO Nudity). We also encourage shoe, skin, tattoo, hair and jewelry/accessory designers to participate. If you are interested in signing up please contact Raven Dulce by **August 20th ** to reserve your shop at the event.

Designers are you ready to get creative?? We are also looking for designers that are up for a challenge and would like to donate a one of a kind outfit for an auction. If you are up for the challenge please contact Raven Dulce to get your name on the list!

And last but not least, if you are a live performer or DJ and would like to Host a party or event during fashion week please contact SkyeSunset Willow. *All tips must be paid to the Relay For Life kiosk. The teams of Relay For Life of InWorldz will also be hosting fundraising event at the Fashion For Life.

~ Fashion week will run from September 20th – 27th. There will be runway shows, Live music, Auctions and DJ’s.

Are you interested in Fashion Week on the grid of InWorldz?

Third Annual InWorldz Relay For Life Season 2014

This year InWorldz will be hosting its third annual Relay For Life season and the theme for 2014 is “A Future Without Cancer”. Hopefully this year there will be more visitors attending and I think there will be more interest during the 2014 season. Here are the latest updates from the RFL of IW 2014 planning committee…

Important Dates for RFL of IW 2014

  • Kick Off will be held on Saturday 23rd August 2014 starting at 9am PDT
  • Relay Weekend will be held on Saturday 1st November to Sunday 2nd November 2014

Team Registration Now Open

  • Register your Relay For Life of InWorldz team, fill out this form
  • Once submitted you will receive email confirmation and you will get a assigned mentor
  • Captains of the registered teams will be contacted in the coming weeks

Main Events 

  • “Raven Dulce of InStylez will be hosting a week of fashion events for “Fashion For Life” from 20th September until the 27th September 2014.
  • “Jillian Quintessa will be hosting the “Job and Services Fair” in early October”.

New Location For Meetings

  • Next meeting is planned for Sunday 10th August 2014 starting at 9am PDT at Muse Island
  • Everyone to welcome to attend the meeting
  • Join the Relay For Life Volunteers group for the latest updates

New Logo

RFLofIW 2014 season logo

RFLofIW 2014 season logo

Latest News

About Relay For Life of InWorldz:

Relay For Life® is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society®. Relay For Life of InWorldz is an opportunity to get together with family and friends and ~Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer ~Remember loved ones lost to the disease ~Fight Back against a disease that takes too much


InWorldz hits 100, 000 registered users milestone

InWorldz 100, 000 total users registered

InWorldz 100, 000 total users registered

Today InWorldz officially hit the 100, 000 registered users milestone at 6:37am SLT which is a huge milestone for the community and sets a new historical record. Congratulations InWorldz! 

When I joined InWorldz on 2nd September 2010 there were 12, 274 registered users, 96 users online and 499 total regions. See the historical milestones below…

InWorldz 12k

Updated: InWorldz Registered Users Historical Stats

It’s taken almost 4 years to reach the 100, 000 registered users milestone and in another four years I would image InWorldz would of reached the 200, 000 registered users mark if rates continue as they are.