New video shows beta testing of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer

A new video has been uploaded this week showing new beta testing of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer filmed by Marc Weerts. The video runs for 12 minutes and 20 seconds showing the user interface. The video is a nice overview of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer.

I’m beta testing the new viewer for Second Life, by Linden Labs, which will support the Oculus Rift natively. Really exciting, to be able to actually walk around in the virtual world and feel like you are really there. They also did a good job of incorporating the UI.

Marc mentions on Facebook that it’s really cool to walk around SL with the Rift. Marc says he can’t wait for the DK2 version and what LL will do in future versions of the viewer.

It’s very exciting to see new video coverage of the Oculus Rift Second Life Beta viewer and hopefully there will be new videos soon. For the latest news, visit the Oculus Rift and Second Life Facebook page to stay updated. So far there have been 705 likes for the page and hopefully interest will grow over the coming months.

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  1. If headsets (and there are many under development, they do not have to be Oculus) can be prices at $400 or under in the USA — with a price of $500 in Europe , and if the Second Life experience can be plus and play — with perhaps a 30 minute learning curve– this could be the killer app that we all have been waiting for. I see potential for exponential growth in two years. They key is ease of use. The risk is an Oculus or other headset viewer that becomes a technology extravaganza with tons of menus options that intimidates the new user from trying Second Life — that keeps growth to a minimum. I am keeping my fingers crossed here on ease of use.


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