Much loved SL friends we lost in 2012

During 2012 the SL community lost many well-known residents and friends. They will never be forgotten and the SL happy memories will live on for years to come. It’s very sad and heartbreaking to lose great talent in Second Life. :(

Tributes to the following…

Other SL farewells in 2012

  • Farley Crabgrass 
  • Tjay Magic
  • Barrio John
  • Toto Bonetto
  • Jeanette Janus
  • Francois Jacques
  • Nin Maximus
  • Tracey Flinders

All of the above will all be greatly missed in Second Life. If you know of any SL residents/friends who passed away in SL/RL during 2012 please comment below.

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  1. Daniel Regenbogen

    Sadly we had to add 2 names from the kid avatar community to our memorial wall this year:

    Tjay Magic and Barrio John

    Also german photographer Toto Bonetto passed away early this year.


  2. Another SL death that I know of this year was Jeanette Janus, another live venue owner from Germany. She passed away just a few weeks before Circe.

    Deaths are unfortunately all too common from SL users due to the userbase, and those are only the people that have RL contacts with the SL communities to let the others know.


  3. Unfortunately there is another name: Francois Jacques, well known in the sailing community


  4. This morning Dec 30th we lost a great friend both in SL and RL – Tracey Flinders- Tracey always had such a positive attitude and was such a kind and gentle person. She was married in RL and SL to stevedoc21 Davidov. T


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