Logging into Avination

I signed up to Avination today which is a OpenSim grid which offers a unique virtual experience for everyone. I went ahead and downloaded the Avination viewer which was 54.9MB, running version 1.5.8 on Windows 7. Avination is completely free and has 592 regions at the moment.

I read today via Twitter that Avination has raised the prim limit to 45, 000 on a sim which is rather cool news. Another cool stat today I found out via Twitter is that according to Neatstat.com, Avination.com is worth $6,541 USD.

The Setup – Avination being installed.

The signup process was really good and fast to do. I liked at the end of the signup process I could choose the starting destination to start like (Tutorial Island, Welcome area or Roleplay area). When I completed the 7 step registration I had to verify my email.  I had to accept the terms and conditions to activate my account. Yay!

“You have successfully registered your character. We have sent an email with a verification link to your email address. Click on the link in the email to complete the verification process and start playing.”

A nice orange/white Avination icon on my desktop.

Opening up the Avination login screen.

  • 43, 787 registered users so far
  • 3, 226 unique logins in the last 30 days
  • 592 total regions so far

Tutorial Island arrival 

It took a few moments to log into Tutorial Island then I started to walk around for abit before visiting other interesting destinations in Search. It was rather strange using viewer 1 interface again after using viewer 3/TPVs for a long time. I noticed it was rather empty on Tutorial Island and on  Welcome island during the afternoon. However I did meet two friendly residents one who was a staff member of Avination and the other was a Mentor. The world seems stable and I didn’t get any lag at all. Yay!

Welcome Area arrival 

I enjoyed my first visit to Avination in Opensim and I will log in regular to explore more in the coming days/weeks/months. :)

View my Avination Snapshots here.

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  1. Glad you popped in to visit us! Feel free to im me inworld if you want a tour. :)


  2. quite a different experience to mine when I logged into AV last year to visit with friends who had moved there… no help… no freebies… nothing – was dumped into a mall with no indication of where to go or what to do.


  3. to bad I am trying over one week to log in and not be able to get on it pffff very annoying
    Its not the first time too.


  4. Heard it’s been spiraling downwards since last year when this happened…. . http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/other-grids-virtual-worlds/60327-guess-whos-working-new-avination.html


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