My 5th rez day in Second Life

Wow! I can’t believe it’s my 5th birthday in Second Life today!

Today marks my 5th rez day since I registered with Second Life on 31st October 2006. 5 years have been wonderful with so many of happy memories during the SL journey. I have seen Second Life grow and change alot over the years. I have met kind, helpful and amazing friends in Second Life since October 2006. *party time*

My 1st Rez Day 2007

My 2nd Rez Day 2008

3rd Rez Day 2009

My 4th Rez Day 2010

It’s great to reach this big milestone today and I hope you have enjoyed following me over the years. I’m excited about the future and I hope for more of the same in years to come in Second Life. Thank you!

Happy Halloween! 

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  1. So your Halloween 5 years ago was a bit boring? ;)
    Congrats on your rezday!


  2. AquilaDellaNotte Kondor

    Happy birthday Daniel!


  3. Thanks jo. Nope it was the best one because I didn’t know what to expect. My 1st Rez Day was amazing underground and even Blue Linden / Claudia Linden dropped by.

    Here’s to another 5 years in SL. :D


  4. Thank you AquilaDellaNotte. :)


  5. Congratulations!
    Here’s to 5 more years ;P


  6. congratulations, you deserve a medal of some kind…or maybe free membership?


  7. Happy Rezzday from “Fox News.” ;-)


  8. Thanks Renoobed, sorornishi and Bixyl. :)

    I had a great 5th rezday


  9. Hey, Dan’l, congrats on that Rez Day. I want to let you know your fine blog is up for Blog-o’-the-Month for December at ISTE Island’s Bloggers Hut. See more about that at Peace!


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