Android & IPhone Apps For Second Life

Android Apps 

  • Mobile Grid ClientSecond Life & Opensim messaging client with local chat, IM, group chat, people search, mini-map, the ability to teleport and more. To use this service you have to pay a monthly free (starting at L$250) – but you can test it for 14 days.
  • DroidSL - One-way communication service that allows Second Life avatars to send instant messages directly from their Andriod phone to other avatars in-world. You must buy a DriodSL Server, rez it on your land, touch it and follow the on-screen instructions.

IPhone Apps

  • Pocket MetaverseNow optimized for iPad and IPhone 4: See friends online, chat, instant messaging, world map, teleporting, profiles, payments and more.
  • Sparkle - Sparkle allows you to connect to Second Life on the iPhone and iPod touch. Sparkle, the mobile fun community.
  • AnsheX ClientThis is the version of AnsheX Client for Second Life for IPhone / iPodTouch
  • no longer available

If you know of any other working apps for Android or IPhone then feel free to share them in comments. Have fun with your apps for Second Life and perhaps we will see new apps created for Second Life during 2011 ?.

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  1. Just when I peeked at the iPhone App store for Pocket Metaverse, I found AnsheX Client. It’s getting a few poor reviews, but, it’s there. (^_^)y


  2. Oh right, thanks for your comment, Imnotgoing Sideways.


  3. as far as I know Lumiya for android is the first graphical mobile SL viewer


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