Poll: Which is your favourite SL Viewer? for November 2010

I would like to know which SL viewer is your favourite to use in-world currently.

November 2010 Poll

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  1. I find it odd that no one has selected Ascent (11/3). The Ascent reviewers are drawing the most hits on my ‘viewer review’ blog articles.


  2. I mostly use the Hippo viewer. It is simple but useful alternative, and the fact that it is not on the TPV viewer directory is no problem for me, because this viewer is often used in the opensim.

    I use the Radegast lightweight/no 3D client too for some of my my “alt” utilitary uses, where I don’t need to see anything.



  3. I actually hated emergence and phoenix viewers at first. For some reason, both viewers crashed on me about every 5 minutes. Of course, then one of my friends told me how to fix emergence. Copy the llkdu.dll file from the second life folder and paste it into the emergence folder. Runs like a dream! No lag what so ever :D


  4. Thanks for the comments. :D


  5. Missed it :-/ You should have spammed more with it :) Or I should have looked more often…


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