Spike Linden's Farewell Party!

Group notice today from RHN Q and A Group announced that there will be a Farewell Party for Spike Linden. The Farewell Party starts tomorrow on Thursday 30th September from 2am – 6am SLT. Apparently Spike Linden’s account will be disabled shortly after the party which is really sad. Spike Linden joined Linden Lab on 8/25/2006 and his job role at Linden Lab was UK Linden Concierge. Check out my pictures of Spike Linden here. Good times!

Spike Lindens farewell party!
Come wish the best of luck to one of our favorite Lindens as he makes his way to his next journey!

September 30th from 2 a.m.-6 a.m. SLTime.


There will be DJs, a cake, a griefing area(Spikes request lol), and lots of people to send him off in style!

PLEASE NO gifts as his account will be disabled shortly after the party!! So, just bring you, your friends and come enjoy some time with Spike!

This notice has an attachment.

I wish him all the best for the future.

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4 thoughts on “Spike Linden's Farewell Party!

  1. I have been a Second Life avatar since 5/30/2007. In that time I have only had to deal with SL Support once. That occasion had to do with “unauthorized charges.” I called them “erroneous charges” because I was charged for land tier and parcel directory charges for a sim that no longer existed.

    I won’t go into all of the details of that experience with Support. (Ticket #:4051-5688194) I will say that I was not out of line at all. In fact, I was very polite. I dealt with three separate individuals. At various points I was lectured to, threatened with disciplinary action, and when it was ultimately discovered that I was correct, I was patronizingly told that it was my own fault because I hadn’t caught the problem sooner for them:

    “Unfortunately, as you have waited this long to let us know, we can’t do anything about the past charges. You would have been best to let us know right away as we could then have been able to confirm what land the group has been owning.
    As we are unable to confirm anything, we can’t be sure what to refund and to who.”
    – Spike Linden

    I shouldn’t have to reply that I don’t check my transaction history every day for errors. Frankly, I let Spike’s comment go because I was happy to get any kind of response at all.

    Spike did say that he had corrected the system so that it would not continue to charge us for land and parcels on the deleted sim. Obviously, I identified an accounting system design problem.

    About a week after Spike closed my ticket, I received an email with a request to do a Support Survey. I went to the website URL and started to fill out the form. I proceeded to describe in detail what had happened to me. Then I simply went to my Transaction History and downloaded an Excel file with all of the transactions available to me (going back 30 days). I easily identified the erroneous charges by line item and totaled them all up. I subtracted a small credit that I found that Spike gave me (though he had not mentioned that in his response.) And the result was what would be a reasonable amount to be refunded.

    Now, the money was small change for me, so I was not going to quibble about it. But the issue is that if I could do it without an audit trail, Spike could have done it with an audit trail.

    The tickets remained open while I waited to see if there would be a response with my refund. The tickets were finally auto-closed. And I never received my refund.

  2. Spike was my go to Linden whenever we needed to com-endear the road systems in Second Life for the Giant Snail Races Relay for life cross country races Spike was our guy. Very helpful would always get back to me. Thanks Spike for all your help hope to see you at your party. :)

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