Enabling HTTP Textures in Second Life

Linden Lab have been enabling HTTP Textures on AGNI recently and now you can test it out at TextureTest region in Second Life.

Steps to Enable HTTP Textures:

  • 1. Download the latest viewer; Viewer 2.1.0 – http://get.secondlife.com/
  • 2. Log into the region TextureTest.
  • 3. From the Develop menu, in the Consoles sub menu enable ‘Texture Console’. This is just to monitor the individual textures as they are downloading.
  • 4. Additionally you can enable the texture timer at Develop->Show Info->Show Time – the texture timer stops when you stop downloading textures

Testing Notes

  • As you move around the region TextureTest you will see green text showing “HTTP” for each texture downloaded over HTTP.
  • Please fly around the region and make sure that textures download over http and things look good.
  • Please do not try to crash this region. We’re not looking for a load test here.
  • We just want to make sure that HTTP Textures works and things seem normal.
  • Please file a jira if you find any issues.
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  1. Works really damm well. There’s a big memory leak somewhere but maybe that’s just 2.1, i never use it usually.


  2. Daniel Voyager

    @Brad: That’s interesting.


  3. very interesting to know


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